Cloud agnosticism – Part 1

An Introduction Cloud agnosticism stems from the costs associated to cloud computing and vendor locking as discussed in a previous post on cloud computing economics and trends. An organization leveraging cloud service computing tends to witness a gradual increase in the TCO due to increased data, services, bandwidth and upselling (additional new services). This results in higher service delivery costs […]

Information Security Policies

Rationale As organizations are adapting to new security measures, a revision of the internal IS security policies is necessary. The activities to undertake such an initiative can be summarized in 8 tasks as per table below. Task Activity Comments 1 Review existing security policy and identify gaps Ensure if readability of the policy is adequate for all stakeholders. 2 Research […]

Securing the data centre

Introduction When devising a proper risk management for security, it is essential to identify the different threats which are being addressed.  In the case of physical security threats, these can be either environmental or human in nature.  Environmental threats cause extensive damage to the IT resources in case of fire, unstable electric power, humidity and excessive heat.  On the other, […]