Cloud agnosticism – Part 3

Introduction Many organizations are looking at cloud-agnosticism architectures to avoid vendor lock-in, whilst minimizing hosting expenditure and increasing availability and scalability according to demands. At the heart of cloud agnosticism lies the notion of multi-cloud environments. In this post, I will be discussing the existing literature pertaining to infrastructure as code, containerization, and leveraging a multi cloud setup towards the […]

Cloud agnosticism – Part 2

Foundation Multi-cloud cost-aware resource scheduling has been proven to yield 90.8% savings in VM subscriptions, 99.2% in egress network traffic and quadrupling data transfers (Jiang et al., 2020). Cloud agnosticism emerges from the price of cloud computing as well as vendor lock-in. Cloud expenses are a big source of worry for all customers. As CSPs raise the price of their […]

Cloud agnosticism – Part 1

An Introduction Cloud agnosticism stems from the costs associated to cloud computing and vendor locking as discussed in a previous post on cloud computing economics and trends. An organization leveraging cloud service computing tends to witness a gradual increase in the TCO due to increased data, services, bandwidth and upselling (additional new services). This results in higher service delivery costs […]

Cloud computing economics and trends

Cloud computing economics Cloud computing has become a transformational driver in the innovation of IT. This trend is attributed to different criteria including economies of scale, human resources, distributed costs, scalability and geographic locations. These criteria align with the economics provided by Microsoft (2011), whereby intra and inter organizational factors determine the feasibility to adopt cloud computing and determine the […]

Transitioning to Cloud Computing

Transitioning to Cloud Computing is a key transformational journey in any organization. The largest challenge is not the actual technical migration, but the strategic motivation to migrate. Should an organization migrate all its internal IT applications on the cloud? What type of infrastructure can be utilized? This discussion will go through the basics of such a strategic decision. Cloud infrastructures […]