Navigating the Intersection: IT Governance, Data Governance, and the Evolving Role of DBAs

This post offers an exploration of the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of IT and data governance. It examines governance frameworks, data management strategies, and database administration techniques within contemporary business contexts. The article presents actionable insights and recommendations for implementing robust IT and data governance practices across diverse organizational landscapes. Emphasis is placed on enhancing data security, ensuring compliance, […]

Transforming the data platform

The need for a revised reference architecture It is difficult for senior management to build customer relationships with clients if they are unable to access their clients’ data. Executives cannot do quantitative evaluations of data given by large numbers of customers or sources as a consequence. Most businesses depend largely on subjective judgment and external analysis when it comes to […]

Securing the data centre

Introduction When devising a proper risk management for security, it is essential to identify the different threats which are being addressed.  In the case of physical security threats, these can be either environmental or human in nature.  Environmental threats cause extensive damage to the IT resources in case of fire, unstable electric power, humidity and excessive heat.  On the other, […]

Data Governance

The need of Data Governance IT governance is a segment within organizational management focused specifically on the IT function.  Hence, IT governance is responsible for the administration and execution of the IT strategy, the underlying IT projects and the operations of all IT systems.  IT governance methodology differs from one organisation to another depending on the traits and requirements of […]